Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yellow Wool = Easy Wool

So i was walking around and there was an industrial looking building. i made a shovel and got some dirt to just look what is on top. First i made a staircase up, but soon had to face lots of blazes, so i went a dirt tower up. I went on top of the building, made a hole in the roof (silverfish spawned but all fell down, so they couldn't attack me). Under the hole there was the wool. I got the wool and went out. I thought maybe i missed something and went inside and light everything up with fighting but that was just a waste of time, i should have just gotten the wool and escaped. Afterwards i head towards a jungle and inside the jungle was a little temple with a similar style of dungeon like the other wool aka a long stairway down with blazes and venomous spiders. I went the clever way down and searched through everything but again did not find the wool yet. I will probably run inside again and light everything up until i find the wool, which just has to be somewhere.

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