Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snapshot Rant

So in the new minecraft version they actually made options to change spawners and everything, but yet they still did not add different spawners in the creative menu. They added a feature that is not possible to obtain without hacking or modding the game at all. So this is not really a feature at all, just a gimmick, because regular players will not be able to use it, only map makers. There still is the option that they will change this in the future, but i think it will not change before 1.3 is released if at all.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spawner Update?

So minecraft will release a new snapshot today instead of tomorrow to probably release 1.3 by tomorrow, which may be a bit early considering the mob glitches i still have in the newest snapshot. Last weekend there were lots of rumors about what Dinnerbone and Vechs talked about and apparently Spawners got an update, which made me so excited for the next update. I really hope they are changed into the vanilla game and not only internally for players who create maps with outside programs. Today i will see. Yesterday i even build a little arena to test it all on, but badly i got stuck in a wall had to kill myself and spawned somewhere else and was not able to find the arena again x( which was a big bummer.

Change in plans

So originally i was going to fly to beijing, stay there for a week, go to Chengdu and fly back from Shanghai. Because i found a cheaper plane and a better date if i flew back from beijing, the plan changed, and now that Yvonne knows that the apartment will be full in september, beause her roommate comes back from vacation, i thought it might be better to put the beijing trip on the last week instead. Now i will reach beijing on my birthday and will most of the day we will sit in train.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Exam Passed

So in my second college term i just passed my first test after 2 weeks of studying and two saturdays of staying in college to get these formulas into my head. In the exam itself i was unsure of how i would do and until the evening i was worried that i wouldn't pass and would have to re-do it one year later, since i wouldn't be able to do the retest on vacation when i am in china. The rest of the week will now be time for me to rest and finally have time for Yvonne again. The last weeks i was studying and only saw her when it was late night for her and today i didn't even see her, which made her probably very sad, but maybe she is proud that it was for the greater good since i passed :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

future dreams

studying all days make me think about the near future. before i even go to china i n only a few weeks time i may get FINALLY faster internet and therefor can start to play minecraft together with Yvonne. I planned a lot and really do hope that she can keep up with my speed so that we can have a fair gameplay together with not building a home together but being like neighbors sharing a few things like the nether and experience farms but otherwise trying to build stuff on our own and showing what we can do. as an admin i will also spawn unobtainable items, but not for me, but for Yvonne to give him some riddles and reasons to play and also to make it easier for her to keep up with me. I am sure in the time if we get better internet, i am finally able to show her how to build some mob traps and similar thing. i can't wait to see it happen and really hope that i really get faster internet.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012




虎步的字写得很好的,只是笑猫不太会认。信的内容有满满的四页,有很多英文,有一些中文和德文。笑猫用她的标准的中式英语读信,虎步认真地听。s, l, b 对她来说很难。 不过虎步给她解释了一些。读到第二页的时候,笑猫被感动得哭了。哭得很开心和幸福,这是幸福的泪水。后面读到第四页的时候,笑猫又一次哭了,她太喜欢这封信了,也太深深的被打动了。她很希望虎步就在身边,这样就可以在感动得哭了的时候可以抱住他。但是她哭的时候,虎步在笑她 :P

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yay for germany

So normally i am not a big fan of soccer and only watch the world championships, but since Yvonne wants to watch with me i think the European Championship is fine this year too. So the game started at 3AM for her and 9PM for me. The game was quite exciting although i wished for more offensive gameplay in the first half of the german team. When germany finally scored i had to hide myself in front of the webcam, because Yvonne's stream was about 2 minutes late, so i knew that germany scored and she was still watching excitingly until she saw the score and jumped up to write me. The group germany is in seems to be pretty hard, but i think germany can make it quite far this time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


So today came a new minecraft version, but because the developers moved into a new office there was not much at all added. The game however seems to run faster and some annoying multiplayer bugs were fixed. The boats were also fixed it says, but they still don't really work, they are moved by the arrow keys and additionally by where you look at which is extremely annoying and broken in my opinion. I really hope they change this to a fluently intuitive way again. They also changed enchanting again and made it a bit harder again, they made the XP arc exponential again instead of just rising the level limit and leaving it linear which i liked a lot more. This week really did not satisfy me with the fixes they did and i really hope they will improve the boats and enchanting before making it into 1.3.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My First Skin

So i created my first minecraft skin now and it doesn't look too bad after all. TouTou does not really have many colors, so it was quite difficult to solve some things close to each other like the eyes, but after that was gone it was fairly easy to just color the rest black and white. The shirt was quite tricky, i wanted to write 头 in front but it just did not fit onto the front side. Later i realised that i still have a backside where i could write it on. On the front i made a P for Panda. The mouth cannot be central due to the 8x8 spaces, so that i chose to decentralize it a bit. Now he looks a bit derpy, but very funny. Maybe i choose to remove the mouth completally though.