Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creative Mode

So apparently Minecraft Beta 1.8 comes out soon and with it finally a creative mode for single player, which i was waiting for since i bought the game. the only thing that i rather dislike is that the highest point on the single player map is at 127 blocks which isnt really high enough to really create great stuff, but maybe that changes too at one point.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Final Destination 5

- possible spoiler alert -

Okay i saw the fifth installment of the franchise and am now to judge how good it was conpared to the others. First off the movie was one of the best. the death scenes were creative and not as over done as some in the fourth movie. The ending was the best in the whole franchise by far. I did not see it coming how it went out and it was amazing. the vision scene was kinda overkill again and unrealistic, but it was just a vision and we used to see that unreal stuff that everything is just doomed to go wrong i guess. the characters weren't boring, because like in FD3 there was one guy who kinda gets a bit insane, which i liked in this one. The returning of the coroner was a really good plot point, especially with the twist in the end. all in all the series really got back to its roots and brought back cool element we were missing out at least in the fourth movie. And the good things of the fourth movie, the extreme long waiting for some kills and the graphic comic like element of the kills stayed in the fifth movie. it's like they learnt their mistake and came back to what the series was like. A very great movie.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

unrequested tranquility

i worked on TLN without considering much music yet. yesterday i wanted to use the day for the creation of some test music to bring more excitement to the creation, only to found out after hours of testing and trying that music doesn't work on windows 7 in my current version. till a new version is available i won't be able to create music inside my game. that said i will probably have to leave the sound out for a long period of time now, which is sad, but inevitable...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sickness v1.5

Yesterday night i got sick with a massive headache and stomache ache. It didn't change my day routine at all though. Without being sick i would have watched tv and played on the computer the exact same way i did today anyway. I worked on TLN further and got a few things done. I still have a lot of things to change, but i still could wrap it up a bit. The second major saw influence got into shape *cough*brain surgery*cough*. how i executed one room isn't perfect yet, but i havn't finished drawing stuff there, yet, so i leave it like this till it's drawn.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Killing the Prime Evils

While making a break from drawing and making TLN, i installed Diablo 2 with Yvonne. I remember that i killed Diablo before, but i didnt remember to have finished Act V before. Last night i killed Baal, the last of the three prime evils and therefor finishing the game on normal for my first time. In Multiplayer i'm right now at the arcane sanctuary in Act 2 with Yvonne and i wonder if i can catch up on nightmare with us. But that also means that i have to play further and i hope when i return to TLN i can creatively continue my work.