Friday, August 19, 2011

Killing the Prime Evils

While making a break from drawing and making TLN, i installed Diablo 2 with Yvonne. I remember that i killed Diablo before, but i didnt remember to have finished Act V before. Last night i killed Baal, the last of the three prime evils and therefor finishing the game on normal for my first time. In Multiplayer i'm right now at the arcane sanctuary in Act 2 with Yvonne and i wonder if i can catch up on nightmare with us. But that also means that i have to play further and i hope when i return to TLN i can creatively continue my work.


  1. I can't imagine how you did it in single player, but you did it.
    Yeah... I have been missing TLN very much~

  2. TLN I'm guessing is the living nightmare right? and as for diablo 2 I HAVE THAT TOO!!! ;D but I never really got into it...

  3. yeah it's the living nightmare. have you continued playing?