Sunday, July 31, 2011

The problem with items and locations

Yesterday i knew how to continue the story and created a bunch of items i used for that part, but the problem is that i can't just lay them in a shelf around for every one to easily pick up, that would be pointless. i need to hide them, but that's the problem. i am not yet sure where to hide them and how to get them, so i need to create new areas to just lock them up somewhere to make it not too easy. Before it was the other extreme. i had a lot of locations but no items to hide. But i'm sure im creative enough to get that stuff fixed. Another funny thing is how i found a typo. a friend whose english isnt the best looked words up he didnt know and stumbled upon ripcage. obviously he didnt find a translation for ripcage, because its called ribcage, he asked me and i was like ok i gotta change that immediatly.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

fast tester is fast

After a few days of constructing the game i thought i was quite ahead my tester, especially after some hard things to figure out i thought i could slow down my speed in drawing, but then there was grincat. she actually played the game already to the current end and there is no way i can give her a much updated version in the next days. But well i still have enough ideas what to do next so maybe i make some tricky things inside so this game gets a bit harder the further you get. it gets anyway because there are more and more areas where things could be combined. so when i let her without clues what to do next, i may get the step ahead again that i was. Also i let Meg play the game and it showed me some flaws i didnt realise. So i improved some things and made the whole game a bit smoother i think. Still i need to build up some story next though and of course more cool elements to continue and discover.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slowly taking shape

My game is slowly taking shape. It's still in the beginning stage, but i have already some hidden things and plans to continue on. It finally has an outline and style i can follow and creating new areas becomes routine. I even managed to make a shock value inside without even planning to do it. At least Yvonne was kinda shocked while testing and that with my bad drawing skills haha. It's kinda cartoonish horror and my mind is full of wicked ideas too make this more gruesome. When then music is added at some point it will be just awesome.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Projects & Random Thoughts

With my plan to neglecting facebook for other projects, i also come back to my beloved blog. Actually Yvonne created an own blog and told me to write in here again is what made me finally come here. Lately i am often just in SSC, playing games, currently The Lost Crown, before i finished Septerra Core for the first time, maybe i should write another entry about it. My new project is to recreate my old adventure game that some of you may remember. I do not really remember what it was called, but i do remember the things i made and some flaws i made that i try to not do again (you had to "use battery with dark room" to make a flashlight work, instead of "combining battery with flashlight"). For people interested in testing and playing my new adventure game just contact me and i give it to you (now i also have a full version of the program which means its a simple setup for the game). I just worked about 4 hours on it yet and it only consists of about 10 screens and a few items to find and use, but it's a start.