Friday, May 28, 2010

Fifth Month

So We're in the middle of a long wait. A wait to see each other again. The tickets are bought, the dates are made. The longest time we ever had. The first time for me to enter a plane. We have 5 weeks to make the stuff we want to do. You can show me everything and probably we are every night at another place until we find a nice place where we can go more often to. I can not wait for long walks on the beach and neither for McDelivery =X. We will make a giant sandcastle and ride the biggest ferris wheel x). On our program is also Universial Studios, Zoo and the National's Day celebration. And then we go to KL for a short trip. I don't know what else is planned, but i think there is so much to do that we won't get bored anyways even if its only going around. I hope your family likes me and maybe we can make something to eat or go out with your family too. Same with your friends, probably i won't understand anything, but still hope that you can teach me singlish and chinese and stuff and maybe we will have a nice round with your friends somewhere where we can talk about cultural differences and funny things :). Maybe other days going to the theater, making BBQ or watching DVDs. For my birthday i still have no idea what is planned, but i'm sure we can think about something cool, or maybe you have an idea or plan for it already x) Or Maybe that day we have the house near beach with jakuzzi :). I think it's cool that nearly everything can be done late though. With Night-Markets and Mac-Delivery our day rhythm will probably be fucked up all days exept those we have to get up early like for theme park or zoo. Plans are the one thing, but the other thing is holding you finally again and being with you again. Fighting loneliness and ending those months of suffering. For Instance its the next step, 'till now it was only you who saw how i live and never vice versa. Now i will meet your family and your friends and it's another new adventure for us both.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

As OP / WTC + Willis Tower

As OP i have a few new moves which make it easier to build walls, at least faster. Still did it without flying. Badly i did an error on the Sears/Willis Tower. and made one side one block too long, which shouldnt be too obvious on a 100+ block high building. I used 1 block for every 5 meters.

Home World

Friday, May 21, 2010

2WTC - New York City

Shanghai World Financial Center

Tallest building i built (about 40-45 blocks high), yet, because i found a nice empty server with a nice OP and nice open huge map.

The Building from the ground

From Above

Not yet working water-elevator



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hotel Burj

A nice view for the two observation decks

The Lobby

The Tower! But i couldn't make a spire, because i reached the end of world already. Didn't plan it properly...

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Surely you must now see that my explanation, and no other, suits the phenomena. What you call Solid things are really superficial; what you call Space is really nothing but a great Plane. I am in Space, and look down upon the insides of the things of which you only see the outsides. You could leave this Plane yourself, if you could but summon up the necessary volition. A slight upward or downward motion would enable you to see all that I can see."

- A Squere to A Square in Flatland

So if we live in a four dimensional world, but can only measure three dimensions. And the fourth dimension is either static lets say always stays 1 or is moving in one straight line like time, you could see the whole three dimensional space when you are above or below in the fourth dimension unless it is not empty but filled with another 3 dimensional world.

Marina Bay Sands

Nah kinda.

Just after finishing Claire left. So did the building itself! A griefer came and hacked the whole map, every stone became mushrooms. iT was so funny, sadly the admin reload a backup that was before the building was built =(

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Neues Bild im Netz

I hope it's real...
A new pic Saw VII arrived from an auction platform:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Urban Rivals

My Girl found a nice little browser game i started yesterday. Its like a card game with small fights to earn XP and money to get better cards to train. It's kinda nice in breaks of doing stuff but also addicting.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wer sich weniger als sechs Stunden täglich zur Ruhe bettet, stirbt früher.
(People sleeping less than 6 hours a day, die earlier.)

Oh yeah nice as if i like that i do^^ At least i get sleep at weekends often

stressful times

Ok, i got a photo and pass for my vacation. It's not here yet but i will get it in the next weeks. I called my uncle for the new netbook and he has yet to get a new connection for it. On sunday i have to go to the polling station for all day again. I'm still considering if The Pirate Party gets my second vote. They need the votes but on the other side i dont want to waste my vote if it doesnt help them that much.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"They weren't able to tell me one way or the other, but this being Hollywood, you can bet your ass if the seventh one makes money there'll be another Saw movie at some point in the near future."
- BD

This being said... i really lost all my hope, because if there is any possibility for a new movie, it makes the movie impossible to have a closed complete ending. Unless they film it and show it in the DC if the movie isn't that much of a success... But I'm really really disappointed.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Walpurgisnacht 2010

This time I obviously couldn't put a tree on the house of the girl i admire. For that reason I didn't feel like making party and so I just played PS3 and drank with 2 friends at home instead, it was fun nevertheless and i had to present the tree over a paint picture.