Monday, November 29, 2010

The Walking Dead - Wildfire ~

Another huge step into the development of a story that is so epic that it might be the best drama series that is still developing. One episode before the final, a lot of fates stay unclear. We met a character arc of a father and son in the first episode that gets hinted at, but not yet shown. We have the group split, so there is another family that is yet to be told about. One of my favorite characters is left for dead in the woods, but Jim is not yet shown dead, so maybe he will return as a zombie at one point. And of course there is still that redneck, who cut his hand of in episode 3, but was not shown again, yet. The group came across a military base with exactly one person left, who is not only cool, but seems to be one great character too. I'm still on the dislike trip for some characters though, but they may involve with time or die, although i don't think that the protagonists wife has any chance to die. For everyone who has not seen the series, yet, you shall check it out it is awesome.
Possible, but unlikely spoilers: I've also read that in the comics Lori dies, by the main antagonist in the comic book series, but i have the feeling that they will not kill her off. If they will, i will cheer.

Ein Wintereinbruch zum Anfassen

Die weiße Hölle, die ganz unscheinbar uns heute überkam zeigt uns wie nahe wir uns doch ans Jahresende hinbewegen. Vielleicht hätte ich auch nicht nur T-Shirt und Jacke anziehen sollen, wobei auch die kaputten und undichten Schuhe wohl die schlechtere Wahl waren; Im Nachhinein betrachtet zumindestens. Noch ist der Schnee weiß und es wird wohl kaum Verkehrchaos bei dem bisschen Schnee geben, doch habe ich das Gefühl, dass dies erst der Anfang war. Objectiv betrachtet kann es mir eh egal sein, weil es mich kaum stören wird in nächster Zeit. Nun kann auch der Dezember kommen, in aller seiner Blüte, ich bin dafür gewappnet, auch wenn ich ihn dieses Jahr gerne überspringen würde. Der November ist gut zuende gegangen und gut gelaufen, warum kann das Jahr nicht einfach mit diesem Monat zu Ende sein. Das wäre doch etwas feines.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Walking Dead

So a new show aired about a month ago and 4 episodes are out already. Friday i started watching it and after the first 4 episodes i gotta admit, that the show is super cool! A funny fact about the show is that the wife of the main character is played by the same actress, who played Sara in prison break and once again i hate her character and want her to die :D The gore in the show ain't bad at all and the whole show makes a good homage to the old zombie flicks. The characters are lickable and there is a lot of potential for conflicts between some. I can imagine that the both redneck brothers team up soon and will trick the rest of the group in a way T-Bag did in Prison Break a lot. Today the new episode aires in america and i cannot wait to see it tomorrow already, badly there are only 6 episodes set in this season, but i think we got to see how it will turn out eventually.

A ghost from my past

A few weeks ago i never thought that she would ever put a foot on my doorstep again, but sometimes our lifes go strange ways. All in all i prefer having an old friend back over having an archenemy, but i ain't stupid and will stay cautious about what i do or say, so it won't be an error that i ended the cold war i performed since March of the past year.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have celebrity look alikes it seems

<--- Jesse Eisenberg, do i look like him? o_O Well i dunno but

Half a year ago my girlfriend of that time told me i look like the guy in Zombieland, i saw it and thought nah okay maybe a bit. Today a girl from my school called me Mark Zuckerberg and yeah he was played by the same actor in "the social network". If that isn't funny enough, there still goes the Vettel thing, where on that one party i got called Vettel by that one guy :D.
Well it was funny, but damn i wish i was as rich as those guys.^^

Toc-Toc's Blog

~ Now with new banner and banned in china ~

and the posts in general are a bit wider, isn't that amazing?

So in less than a month is Christmas i heard

And i have nothing good to think about, yet. My ex girlfriend will be back in germany by that time, wow that will be so exciting and amazing -.- ...not. If i may have a christmas wish this year, it is that she stays home, it would be very apprechiated. On a happy note my fathers girlfriend might move in soon though and Christmas won't be that early when she is here anyway, although i do not know yet what i can get my family for christmas, well how could i when i don't even want something for myself this year. Well there is still a month and maybe it will be a happy christmas again as last year was ~ But then again i do not care, because 7 days later will be amazing x)

Also this time of the year is the time i start hearing Wintersun on a daily base again until Christmas is over. I do it since i got that album some years ago and hearing it once a year brings cool memories ~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Die innere Uhr ist wohl doch die Sicherste

Um 8 Uhr, also 10 Minuten nachdem mein Wecker eigentlich hätte klingeln sollen, bin ich aufgewacht mit dem Gedanken "du hast verschlafen". Ich gucke auf den Wecker, der mir 11:10 anzeigt und war mir sicher ich habe die Hälfte meiner LK-Klausur bereits verpasst. In Gedanken ob ich zur Schule rennen soll und die Zeit nutzen die mir noch bleibt oder zum Arzt gehen um mir ein Attest zu holen, habe ich mich in Windeseile fertiggemacht und renne nurnoch in mein Zimmer um mir mein Handy in die Tasche zu stecken und um meinen Rucksack zu packen, bevor ich zur Schule renne. Als ich mein Handy in die Hand nehme und nochmal auf den Knopf drücke um mich von der Zeit zu überzeugen wurde mir klar, dass all die Sorgen glücklicherweise umsonst waren. Wie die Klausur gelaufen ist wird sich jedoch noch rausstellen, Ich befürschte nichts sehr Gutes angesichts der Tatsache, dass ich mit vielen Aufgabenstellungen nicht viel anfangen konnte.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

As far as i know, insomnia's a bitch

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Blog is now completally in english. I may still post in german or chinese some time, but the date, time and all the stuff is now in english.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

That was a mindfuck

when i joined an hoj chat with a cam and the cam didnt show my face, but only my feet... that's the problem of having two webcams on your pc without knowing that two webcams are actually connected. x)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saw III traps reused in Saw VII

obvious Saw 7 spoilers here!

So Saw III featured in a teaser poster art thing, the original script and what they actually did Troy in three different way to die. I remember a poster with Troy's teeth pulled out. Actually there were exactly 3 teeth hanging on another poster and what did we see in Saw VII? Exactly, someone pulling out his teeth. There is another conceptual art picture with Troy hanging down on hooks (the one i posted belongs to "The Traps of Saw III"). He had to rescue himself from those hooks, but it was changed, because it would have been impossible for him to rescue himself. Bobby Dagen's trap he wrote about has also hooks, the last trap he has to go though is kind of similar. And the last thing is the actual Troy-trap, which was similar used in the Car trap, where one victim i can't remember the name of right now is torn apart with chains in his body by the car driving off and ripping the chains out.