Thursday, November 25, 2010

So in less than a month is Christmas i heard

And i have nothing good to think about, yet. My ex girlfriend will be back in germany by that time, wow that will be so exciting and amazing -.- ...not. If i may have a christmas wish this year, it is that she stays home, it would be very apprechiated. On a happy note my fathers girlfriend might move in soon though and Christmas won't be that early when she is here anyway, although i do not know yet what i can get my family for christmas, well how could i when i don't even want something for myself this year. Well there is still a month and maybe it will be a happy christmas again as last year was ~ But then again i do not care, because 7 days later will be amazing x)

Also this time of the year is the time i start hearing Wintersun on a daily base again until Christmas is over. I do it since i got that album some years ago and hearing it once a year brings cool memories ~