Tuesday, January 31, 2012

errare mathematicum est

So today after lecture i wanted to test some mechanics for linear algebra and just wrote down some random numbers and tested calculating some results with different mechanics and i always got nonsense results. I actually did not make a mistake in how to use these, but i always got mixed up with some numbers, eventhough i used a calculator and in my exam i am not even allowed to use a calculator, so i will probably get similar mistakes in my exam. x( And it really will not be great to not manage to get to the 50% that is needed just because i calculate stuff wrong. haha

Monday, January 30, 2012

One week left...

...of studying linear algebra for the greater good. Today i learnt most things that are actually good to calculate things. And i'm getting a feeling that my chances of surviving the exam are actually getting better and better. It's still a long way to go and i have to learn a lot of definitions by heart in the next days. Luckily we are all allowed to write one paper with definitions and everything we want as help for the exam and additionally for having more than 50% on all this homework i get 10% of extra points for the exam so i only have to manage to get 40%, which is still a lot considering the amount of things we have to study and know.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Minecraft gets better and better and i have less and less time to play

Yeah pretty much what the title says, there is a new awesome animal and finally its possible to grow the jungle trees, it makes me just want to play from the beginning again, maybe even with friends on a new server and do all the awesome things, but i have to wait until i finished the exams before i even start thinking about playing again. Meanwhile i have to study linear algebra and get prepared for the big exams, because this will not be an easy task, at all and it's about time to study daily and on a regular basis now that on monday i dont have any more homework to care about. But don't get me wrong with all this rants about my college, i actually still love the college and the subject i chose is amazing, it's just stressfull like everything you want in life.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Linear Algebra of Death

Getting up at 6 in the morning is horrible, but getting up just for 4 hours of lecture, 4 hours of reading and 2 hours of lessons and that all for linear algebra is just too much. I did not bring my computer to the college and in the 4 hours i had time to read i've read to around page 100 of a script and my head just was full after it. And the worst part is that i still do not feel any more secure about my abilities at this subject. Tomorrow i may have to study even more, but for now the evenings i will use to get my head free. I reach home again at 7pm like every thursday, but what a day, college is hardcore.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Piles of paperwork

So in the last two days i used up 10€ for just copying and printing. Few hundret pages of mathematical history, formulars, theorems and lemmas. On my trainway home i looked through the first 15 pages of a script from another linear algebra I lecture, because our script quite sucks a lot. It is very good and i hope it features everything important we need to know, because i have no idea how else i can get a system through all these pages of matrices and sum symbols. linear algebra is just horrific to begin with and i have to keep focused to make it through this horrible exam. After i got through this exam the next one is just waiting around the corner, i have one week to study analysis, but there i at least know how i can study and i understand what i'm doing a bit more. And after that there is only one more little test, which won't be a problem. i have lots of stuff to read through, but i just have to have a general jist of it and not remember hundrets of formulars and theorems.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year

puhhh, xiaomao you maybe should not read this^^ i sit here in front of my computer and am not sure what to write. Everyone who was there know how it was for me, it was amazing. There were not many germans at all (maybe 5), but it was great to teach my language skills in a dating game o_O. Playing Uno with others and watching others play another card game that apparently only exists in china but looked amazing (a bit like magic). And trying to sing some songs at karaoke. The whole evening was quite fun, although i'm not quite sure how i ended up in that dating game. So i stood there in front of 6 girls and had to introduce myself and then i had to choose the girl i liked most from the first look write it on the hand of the moderator and then wait for the girls to show me if they were interested or not. I quite liked to see what total stranger girls would think about me and surprisingly even more than half of them said they would like me. Made me feel quite proud of myself xD. After that i talked quite a bit with the girl i chose in the beginning of that game and it was quite a nice talk, although there were lots of language problems i suppose.

Ohhh, ohhh AND I ATE JIAOZI!!! xD

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The womens best friend:


I finally got my 22 diamonds back that i lost in my last world. And the beginning of the world finally starts shaping, but then again there is a bitter taste with it. The new update created a new biome that is not available in old worlds, so when next thursday new animals or monsters are introduced i will not be able to see them within my new world, but have to create a new one to see them. But then again i do not really mind since i am only at the beginning and do not have to much time to play anyway since my important exams are soon due and i need a lot of time to study now that i am not as sick anymore.