Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year

puhhh, xiaomao you maybe should not read this^^ i sit here in front of my computer and am not sure what to write. Everyone who was there know how it was for me, it was amazing. There were not many germans at all (maybe 5), but it was great to teach my language skills in a dating game o_O. Playing Uno with others and watching others play another card game that apparently only exists in china but looked amazing (a bit like magic). And trying to sing some songs at karaoke. The whole evening was quite fun, although i'm not quite sure how i ended up in that dating game. So i stood there in front of 6 girls and had to introduce myself and then i had to choose the girl i liked most from the first look write it on the hand of the moderator and then wait for the girls to show me if they were interested or not. I quite liked to see what total stranger girls would think about me and surprisingly even more than half of them said they would like me. Made me feel quite proud of myself xD. After that i talked quite a bit with the girl i chose in the beginning of that game and it was quite a nice talk, although there were lots of language problems i suppose.

Ohhh, ohhh AND I ATE JIAOZI!!! xD


  1. Ha, your first sentence made me want to read this even more, and I read it. I was acting very unfriendly last night. Well, we will see what will happen.
    And I haven't eaten jiaozi.