Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wake Up, Punch Trees...

And there i go again, starting a new survival world. Starting in a quite hilly taiga biome with a large coastline, but other than that only packs of wolves may look awesome, but has one big problem. The food supply can be extremely tricky with no apple trees and no animals that drop food, i made a little cave with starting supply, got wood, stone, tools all the stuff needed but soon got to see that my hunger went down, only surviving with zombie flesh for a while and starting a farm under a snow cover and then at one night it happened, my hunger was at 0 and my hearts went down to 1 while fighting a skelleton, at least he dropped a bone for me to get at least one bread. the rest of my hungerbar i had to fill with more zombie flesh and mushroom stew i luckily found in a nearby swamp biome while walking mindlessly through the frosty forest. After my life went better i also got a dog, named 哭哭 (don't ask). Before he even saw my first hideout cave from the inside i already packed my stuff. In a plane biome with lots of sheep i prepared a basement for a new house, put a big chest up and put everything i had inside, so i had enough space to carry everything important i had at my first hideout. Building of the house was rather nervewrecking, because i wanted to built it out of bricks. that cost me a lot of time to search for and a few stacks of coal, but i believe it was worth it. After building the house i could finally get a bigger room for chests so i can sort all of my things and have even space for an enchantment table with bookshelves and a never portal, not to forget a stripmine to finally get more diamonds.