Friday, January 20, 2012

Illness all the way.

So last week on monday i felt that i was getting sick and it was getting worse day by day. Last wednesday i sounded like i was dying in university and decided to go home right after my lecture. Thursday i did not even go to university and slept long instead. I did not do my homework either, which is okay, because i already have enough points to be over 50% what i need to get my bonus for the exam. Today i was invited for BaCa, my favorite disco, but i won't go because running in the cold in a sweaty t-shirt in the middle of the night is the least good thing to do being sick. Although headache quite stopped and im not coughing every 20 seconds anymore i prefer staying home today, so i can instead go to Düsseldorf Frühlingsfest tomorrow. Meeting some friends, drinking a bit and being home at midnight again, a lot better for my illness than disco.

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