Friday, January 13, 2012

Having a song stuck in your head

Having a song stuck in your head has only one solution, you have to listen to that song at the same day so it gets out again, but when you have exactly two lines stuck in your head that are only onomapoetic lines like "da-dapdap-da" and "woo-uh" without knowing the name of the song, finding the song can be quite tricky. If you got the song from someone you normally can tell them the line or google a line and they may know what song you talk about, but "da-dapdap-da" is a rather bad description for a song so i had no chance but go through all songs in one folder which consisted of several bands i got from yvonne and went through all the songs. After about 150 to 200 songs i finally found it and listened to it twice so my head stopped thinking about what the name was for a moment and now i'm good haha.


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  2. Now, after reading it, it begins to haunt in my head.