Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Piles of paperwork

So in the last two days i used up 10€ for just copying and printing. Few hundret pages of mathematical history, formulars, theorems and lemmas. On my trainway home i looked through the first 15 pages of a script from another linear algebra I lecture, because our script quite sucks a lot. It is very good and i hope it features everything important we need to know, because i have no idea how else i can get a system through all these pages of matrices and sum symbols. linear algebra is just horrific to begin with and i have to keep focused to make it through this horrible exam. After i got through this exam the next one is just waiting around the corner, i have one week to study analysis, but there i at least know how i can study and i understand what i'm doing a bit more. And after that there is only one more little test, which won't be a problem. i have lots of stuff to read through, but i just have to have a general jist of it and not remember hundrets of formulars and theorems.

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