Saturday, February 25, 2012

Helping another website out

So for quite a while i look on a website called ultrapolisproject for a reference for competition of cities with skyscrapers. These days the website was updated, yet i found quite some errors and sent an e-mail to the admin. The admin realised that he forgot a few cities to prove for a newer score and thanked me for me helping him improve the website by erasing some errors. It's the good deed of the week for me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I am a 13-17 year old girl

So there is a website that takes your homepage and analyzes your writing style so it can guess what age and gender you are. It only works for english posts so it doesn't work too well. I also think it only considered the pages on my front page which is quite sad, but the result is still funny:

The funny things are, that all "man" words are nearly only used by men, such as vector and computer-related words. The "girl" words are less genderrelated. homework for instance. The only word that is mostly a girl's word is baby and when you look at the context it was written at it makes clear that the program guessed quite wrong, because i used the word baby to describe a minecraftbuild i hadnt finished yet. And creepers, biome, coastline and all the other minecraft related words made me laugh.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boredom is taking over

Hardly a week of vacation and i am already bored. Instead of watching videos every day i may should start doing something productive. I thought about getting another chinese book, when i don't get any replies from the chinese teacher from college just to do something. Also i may need to study analysis from time to time now, so i can study harder when my re-exam is coming closer.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

60 hour livestream

So Mojang did a 60 hour live stream over the weekend and created a new game, which people can buy to support charity. It was amazing to see the development of a game and the different aspects each person was doing, from design to AI. The only downside this had was that minecraft development may be a few days behind with all that stuff. But at least it gave me quite a good while of watching and entertainment and the game doesn't look to bad either.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chengdu Center

So last night i had a quite strange dream of me building a skyscraper, then i woke up and told xiaomao about it and wanted to recreate it in minecraft and started to plan how exactly i would do it. Then i really woke up (yeah dream in a dream) and thought now that i dreamt about it i should built it. So i took my time and started building on the project. After a few hours i was at a point i couldn't continue anymore, because of the world height of 1.1. So to continue on this baby i have to wait for Single Player Commands for minecraft 1.2, which is not even out yet, so it may take a few weeks. i could install another mod to increase the world height, but i'm unsure if it will be lost when minecraft updates the next time, so i think i'll rather wait. The project for now looks quite good although it's only about 40% to completition.

Monday, February 13, 2012

When you met analysis, linear algebra looks like a child

And so the day began, waking up getting ready for college in this snowwhite town. The first stop was to see my results for the two linear algebra exams i wrote a week ago and luckily i passed both, better than i had imagined as 15th best out of 28 who passed and 66 who tried to pass it. So only 42% managed to pass this test and after that my analysis exam began, after about half the time i started worrying that i might just give up because i knew nothing it felt like. After all this studying the test seemed still impossible with tasks devilish hard. Yet after the time was up i at least wrote things on most tasks and still have hope to win, even if it is only a small hope. Probably this exam will make more people fail than linear algebra did, but we will see.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Thursday, another minecraft update

Although the last days seemed to build up for minecraft getting a height increase in the worlds, it seems like that has to wait one more week, which i can live with due to my will to not play at all before i finished my exams. Hopefully shortly after my exams have been through we will get that awesome update though and i can go on big projects for my vacation.

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Exam Over.

Now i'm one of the living dead, not yet saved, not yet dead, just waiting for my doom and the result. This morning i had the alarm clock set at 5:30, yet woke up earlier, because in my dream there somehow were numbers totally out of place i realised that i dreamt and woke up. I got ready and all and in the exam i was all prepared. Yet, in hindsight the cheat sheet wasn't needed at all. I think i did not look at it more than like two times in these 4 hours. The first big 3 hour exam did not work too well. Out of the 8 tasks i did only 5 and am not even sure whats right and whats wrong. To pass i have to have more than 40% (32 points). One task was best approximation, which i studied a lot before which yields 8 points. Another task was orthogonality of some basis to another one and i think i did it quite well too. Then there was a task that gave 10 points for only showing that the dimension of the kernel of a vector that has a funktional as image is the dimension of the vector minus 1, the reason was written in some short sentences, yet i can't believe that they will give 10 points for something that short. Maybe they wanted a more mathematical proof, but i dont know it seemed quite obvious to me. All in all the chance for me to pass this exam is rather slim. I have 3 tasks missing and am not sure about most of the others, yet i still hope that i passed and i do not have to get up at 5:30 again for the rewriting of this exam. The second one hour exam was rather silly. We only had like 40 minutes left after they handed us the papers and i was worried it wasnt enough time that i made quite a few stupid mistakes. After i finished the rest i still had 20 minutes left and checked if my solutions were right and i found that they were not, so i changed everything again and finally came to the right result.

Now i'm pretty sure that i have passed at least that small test, but that's nothing too serious at all. Next week i have to pass the next exam, which is analysis. I also had to lend a calculator from the little shopowner of our university. I forgot to give it back and realised it only at the train station, because i'm a big dum-dum-face. I had to go back to university and bring it back and that is where i am now, writing into my blog, hoping for the best.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

cheat sheet dilemma

if you need one, you have to much stuff to write on it and you can only write down a few things that you think may be important. If you do not need one you are allowed to have one and have no idea what to add on the space you still have left. Linear algebra is horrific and i am worried i do not manage to get the needed 40%, however there is not much i can write on my legal cheat sheet, because mostly everything isn't too hard if you understood it, but the problem is to understand it and to know what rules to apply on what task. It will be quite tricky and i just hope that there are enough tasks with clear solutions and not tasks that confuse the hell out of me to begin with.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kern, Rang, Bild, duale Basis...

... und so weiter. All diese Begriffe gehen mir nichtmehr aus dem Kopf und ich habe keine Lust mehr zu lernen. Vielleicht lasse ich den heutigen Nachmittag und Abend als kleine Pause um den Kopf frei zu bekommen. Heute Mittag habe ich mir die Probeklausur nochmals angeguckt und eigentlich, rein theoretisch müsste ich die Hälfte schaffen und die andere Hälfte müsste ich zumindestens ansatzweise mit dem erlaubtem Spickzettel auf die Reihe bekommen, ich darf mich nur auf keinen Fall verrechnen am Montag, was schwierig wird wenn die lausur soo früh am Morgen stattfindet.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A rather bad minecraft update

Creepers might be cool for adventure players, but the new update makes it nearly impossible to play with mobs anymore for any player who likes to play. Creepers now have enhanced intelligence and always find you, not that they were not hard and annoying to begin with, but now they can even find you when you are around corners and stuff and their new weakness its cats, which are extremely hard to find anyway. I don't really like this new changes, but well another week and things may change into other directions again.

Nightmare Thursday

Yeah i had a nightmare about college last night, my professor read out names who got to write the exam and for my name he read out that i have to take an extra test to get accepted for examination, because apparently it seemed like i was getting worse at college. I was quite shocked and got into an argument with the professor and then it seemed like he would make my collegelife the hell on earth x(. Then i woke up, well i woke not really up i fell asleep again for a lot of times until i realised that i was late. So i hurried and got my train in time. At university it was like every thursday, 10 hours of linear algebra, but this time it didn't tire me as much as it normally does. I'm actually quite okay now that i'm home 13 hours after i woke up today. But still it was a heck of a last day of this semester's college.