Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nightmare Thursday

Yeah i had a nightmare about college last night, my professor read out names who got to write the exam and for my name he read out that i have to take an extra test to get accepted for examination, because apparently it seemed like i was getting worse at college. I was quite shocked and got into an argument with the professor and then it seemed like he would make my collegelife the hell on earth x(. Then i woke up, well i woke not really up i fell asleep again for a lot of times until i realised that i was late. So i hurried and got my train in time. At university it was like every thursday, 10 hours of linear algebra, but this time it didn't tire me as much as it normally does. I'm actually quite okay now that i'm home 13 hours after i woke up today. But still it was a heck of a last day of this semester's college.

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