Friday, February 24, 2012

I am a 13-17 year old girl

So there is a website that takes your homepage and analyzes your writing style so it can guess what age and gender you are. It only works for english posts so it doesn't work too well. I also think it only considered the pages on my front page which is quite sad, but the result is still funny:

The funny things are, that all "man" words are nearly only used by men, such as vector and computer-related words. The "girl" words are less genderrelated. homework for instance. The only word that is mostly a girl's word is baby and when you look at the context it was written at it makes clear that the program guessed quite wrong, because i used the word baby to describe a minecraftbuild i hadnt finished yet. And creepers, biome, coastline and all the other minecraft related words made me laugh.

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