Monday, February 13, 2012

When you met analysis, linear algebra looks like a child

And so the day began, waking up getting ready for college in this snowwhite town. The first stop was to see my results for the two linear algebra exams i wrote a week ago and luckily i passed both, better than i had imagined as 15th best out of 28 who passed and 66 who tried to pass it. So only 42% managed to pass this test and after that my analysis exam began, after about half the time i started worrying that i might just give up because i knew nothing it felt like. After all this studying the test seemed still impossible with tasks devilish hard. Yet after the time was up i at least wrote things on most tasks and still have hope to win, even if it is only a small hope. Probably this exam will make more people fail than linear algebra did, but we will see.