Monday, February 6, 2012

First Exam Over.

Now i'm one of the living dead, not yet saved, not yet dead, just waiting for my doom and the result. This morning i had the alarm clock set at 5:30, yet woke up earlier, because in my dream there somehow were numbers totally out of place i realised that i dreamt and woke up. I got ready and all and in the exam i was all prepared. Yet, in hindsight the cheat sheet wasn't needed at all. I think i did not look at it more than like two times in these 4 hours. The first big 3 hour exam did not work too well. Out of the 8 tasks i did only 5 and am not even sure whats right and whats wrong. To pass i have to have more than 40% (32 points). One task was best approximation, which i studied a lot before which yields 8 points. Another task was orthogonality of some basis to another one and i think i did it quite well too. Then there was a task that gave 10 points for only showing that the dimension of the kernel of a vector that has a funktional as image is the dimension of the vector minus 1, the reason was written in some short sentences, yet i can't believe that they will give 10 points for something that short. Maybe they wanted a more mathematical proof, but i dont know it seemed quite obvious to me. All in all the chance for me to pass this exam is rather slim. I have 3 tasks missing and am not sure about most of the others, yet i still hope that i passed and i do not have to get up at 5:30 again for the rewriting of this exam. The second one hour exam was rather silly. We only had like 40 minutes left after they handed us the papers and i was worried it wasnt enough time that i made quite a few stupid mistakes. After i finished the rest i still had 20 minutes left and checked if my solutions were right and i found that they were not, so i changed everything again and finally came to the right result.

Now i'm pretty sure that i have passed at least that small test, but that's nothing too serious at all. Next week i have to pass the next exam, which is analysis. I also had to lend a calculator from the little shopowner of our university. I forgot to give it back and realised it only at the train station, because i'm a big dum-dum-face. I had to go back to university and bring it back and that is where i am now, writing into my blog, hoping for the best.

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  1. This is what I am doing now: read your blog and comment,hoping for the best.
    I can feel always nervous and not confident at all when I was taking math exams in the past. I chose English as the major, one of the reason of which is English majors dont take any math lesson in university :P