Friday, September 30, 2011

Updates like Crazy

So with 1.9 getting more and more informations and again a second test version being out minecraft is updating a lot. A lot of new stuff is added and information on even newer stuff is coming up daily. This happens because in 3 weeks the new stuff is supposed to stop completally for a whole month so the makers can use all their time to fix problems instead (which is needed a lot) and make the game perfect, because one month later it goes out of beta for the full release. Creating big projects is quite pointless, because with every update old worlds won't work properly anymore.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project Palace Day 2

Today i finished the main hall and the inner wall. Then i continued with the outer wall, but figured out after building the 4 towers that i made a mistake at one point or another, because it was 201x200 blocks of an area in the end. Beside that everything worked out fine. Because the inner things aren't symmetrical it doesnt matter that the walls were one block off. After finishing all that stuff i started making all the inner things, a forest, a spring and a farm were the first things i did. The rest of it i may do tomorrow.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Palace Day 1

- Now -
with SPC for 1.8.1 out, i'm starting to create a giant palace project i thought about a while back. This is my first really big project and it's working quite well. I started with making a flat area to built on, a foundation. i started in mountains next to a big desert in the seed "palace", which seemed to be the perfect location. First i made a flat area of 150x150, but soon realised that this will never be enough space, so i made the area bigger to 200x200. Right after that i build cobblestone lines to represent 50x50 block areas, so i know exactly where the middle is and how i can make a layout. After i have done this i planned on a paper how much space i need for the middle towers. i made two big halls on top of each other and on top of them i started to plan where exactly i built the 5 towers and how far from each other. after that worked out well i created the 4 surrounding towers then the middle tower and then i worked on the bridges in between, looked at what i have built again and decided to make the middle tower a bit bigger. Now it reaches the cloud layer so cannot be made any taller. After i finished i created the upper hall. Windows made ladders inside and a lot of glowstone. After i finished all that i planned the towers surrounding the 5 main towers and thought that 8 observation towers would look quite nice. So i created all these and then made little springs between them to give it a better athmosphere. This all was about 5 hours of work and i still have a lot work to do.

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Computer

So i got my laptop. i wanted to get one from the internet but my dad found a good one for a great price in a shop which is near so i went with that one instead. i installed the first few things i need and tested out the webcam. yesterday also the new minecraft update came out and considering our server is on the old version, which is less buggy anyway, i will probably install 1.8.1 on my laptop and leave 1.9 on my normal computer so i dont have to switch the jar files over and over again.

Thursday, September 22, 2011



The Pandanian Odyssey III

[...] After nearly twenty years of insanity and the wrath of the gods Toutous lost his crew and his ship. he got washed ashore unconsiousless and barely alive and was shortly after seen by germanian troops who still were on guard to look for him. After all this years his father was weak and grey. The germanic kingdom was now smaller than ever due to waves of enemies attacking the towns and communities. When Toutous reached the letter to his father, Wallus smiled and gave Toutous his crown to reign the country for the better.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

two days later

Dohmen had the idea for a spontanous LAN, i didnt think they would stay over night, nor did i not think that it would end in me playing alone on the server, because i cannot play a game they were playing most of the time, but that's how it went. Then again at one point Dohmen came into the server, cheated himself TNT and blew his own yet unfinished castle apart. In the meanwhile i finished a farm, finished the gravel pathways, built little pyramids, built a little intersection building and finally sorted out all of our chests. Slowly our world gets nicer and nicer with more manmade structures. Feng sadly had a big problem to connect the night so we have no underground track system yet, which may be the next big plan for the server.

Monday, September 19, 2011

finally SMP time

so today was the second day of SMP with friends and after we had a starting day with gathering resources and making first steps, a ladder down a mountain and capturing the surrounding area. today i built a new middle sized house for us and soon we will make tracks to connect the crucial parts of our world.

Sunday, September 18, 2011



Saturday, September 17, 2011

minecraft next project

why building a castle when i can build a palace. i draw ideas on paper and probably really go with a montrous project. there is no way i will do it without SPC this time though. so i have to wait for the new SPC first. also i have to be careful to not hit the top of the map, i had to shrink some towers already because minecraft has so many restrictions in that point. but it still will probably work out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Pandanian Odyssey II

Felia in all her misery went down the latter to heaven and headed eastwards, halfway to the big waterwall to the Pandanian Carnival. Toutous was heading eastwards over the ocean already, fighting against the winds and always orientating himself by the stars and the sun. At the carnival Felia searched for her son, but after one weekend her powers were fading and she needed to head back to the heavens to continue her search overseeing more of the world. Weeks passed and a traveller reached germania and news spread about the search of Felia at the carnival. King Wallus immediatly sent a troop of strong soldiers for the search westwards, knowing his son Toutous would try to travel over the big oceans to germania. Toutous was in the middle of the ocean already when his ship leaked water and he had to stop with his crew on a little island.

Monday, September 12, 2011

the second hour => fine tuning (2)

6. It was time for the fine tuning. the walls were finished, now it was time for giving this big building a castle look. first i made a nice castle look for the edge of the walls. i really like to top things off with halfstones.

2:04 it looked like this already. so less, for so much appearance2:10 nightview ~ i think i also added more torches
(like all pictures click to enlarge)
7. i was thinking about how to do other stuff and also make more light and came up with a very nice idea to make the top pieces of my corner towers. i made a 4 side pinacle top with lightstone inside. it really worked out perfectly because its now possible to make stairs, halfblocks and full blocks out of one material, which is the only way to make it look like this.

2:31 i finished them up.
8. it was time to fill the middle more. the next step for me was also to get a way up. i thought about making a flat middle building (storage) and stairs on the side or making a high middle building with a ladder inside. i decided for the last after i saw that i still had these metal doors that still led to nowhere and also i wanted the top floor to be reachable. i also made halfstones on the whole outline just to make the contrast higher.

2:37 the tower was completed
9. making the doorlights, walkways from side to side. after 20 more minutes at 2:52 i started making my last photos.

Two hours in creative mode (1)

i downloaded the pre-release out of boredom and rebuilt the castle i made in classic with limitations in a little over two hours.

1. First i searched for a nice spot to build my castle. at one point i found a kind of flat area with a little village next to it. the next step was making the footprint of my castle with obsidian and flattening all the area around it.

2. Inside the Towers i made stone as a foundation. It went rather quick and then i made the first construction picture.
0:52 Tower foundation complete!

3. the next step was making a floor for the inner parts of the castle. i just made a wooden floor.
0:58 Floor complete after much lagging
4. now it was time to make the full outlining of the castle. 2 floors for the 6x6 towers and 3 floors for the 9x9 towers. It was a pretty monotonous work...
1:10 it was completed

5. Now it was time for the most annoying part. filling all this walls with different types of stone glass and doors...

1:42 After a long half hour it looked like this
1:59 Another 15minutes later it looked like this

Saturday, September 10, 2011

minecraft leak

so yesterday the minecraft adventure update leaked and immediatly after youtube got flooded by new videos of the new stuff. the version still is very bugged, so i will only update my version when it really comes out in a few days (if it comes out and isnt postponed again, which seems more and more likely the more i think about it).
most of the additions look very promissing though. the new mobs, the new blocks and the new terrain is quite great looking and the creative mode is probably the best part of the update, but im still unsure if its possible to change back to survival in single player, which makes me quite worried.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Pandanian Odyssey I

And Then Felia, goddess of love, raised her voice, so that all of what was left on earth could hear her futile cries. And all men fell silent, looked into the heavens and knew the tragedy without ever knowing the story. Her son Toutous, half human, half god, son of Wallus, ancient king of germania, was heading westwards down the six heavens to bring his father a letter from his mother. But then a strong wind blew him further eastwards. The strong winds took him from the sky and shattered all of his remains on the most eastern land, directly in front of the big blue sea. Toutous, having lost his wings and godmade armor, knew he was lost, but little did he know that he was lost in the big Pandanian Land. He lost his conciousness while roughly landing on a boulder and waking up on the big stoney beach, seeing the letter he was about to bring home flying across the ocean. Toutous knew that he had to follow his letter to furfill his task and so he went to the nearest port city, the metropolis of Oceania, the last bastion before the dark blue roughless sea. Toutous searched for the strongest and cleverest men he was able to find and bought a ship to cross the ocean. At that moment he heard his mothers scream in vain and knew that she had lost him in the eye of the storm. Toutous and his crew were alone against the natures strongest and most evil power in the dark of the ocean and no god was able to help them so near at the edge of the world. And so the Odyssey began, a crew travelling eastwards to the border of imagination and sanity to bring back the letter of a god, meant for the king of germania.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

changed layout

i think its pretty obvious i changed the layout slithly of my blog. the good side and reason i made it is, because the side of my blog was unused mostly. now it should fill a normal screen pretty much. the bad thing that might come with it is that pictures of old posts may be on the wrong place now and the posts may look distorted, but well i think it won't be too bad.

date moved

in the time waiting the minecraft update release date was moved to another unknown date. in the meanwhile i played that one day a bit more classic and built myself a little castle, which would be aweseom to feature a piston bridge and light sources if it was available in classic. it also was griefed before i even finished building.

Monday, September 5, 2011

epic october week

4. october - i start university
5. october - south park season 15 continues
7. october - the human centipede II comes into theaters (obviously not in my country though)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Plans for the week

Next week are a few things planned. First off i plan to see the fifth Final Destination with my sister and probably other friends when we do a Final Destination marathon before. Also i get my hair cut radically, shorter than i had it in the last probably 2 years, it's time for a change :). And most importantly the Adventure Update for minecraft is coming out and i think i will probably build a little city or town in the following days. I started playing minecraft in 2009 before indev came out. One time i bought the alpha then but never really played it much, because i always prefered classic much more, because its more creative and easier to build things. With 1.8 this has finally an end though and i can start building in the new creative mode.