Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Pandanian Odyssey II

Felia in all her misery went down the latter to heaven and headed eastwards, halfway to the big waterwall to the Pandanian Carnival. Toutous was heading eastwards over the ocean already, fighting against the winds and always orientating himself by the stars and the sun. At the carnival Felia searched for her son, but after one weekend her powers were fading and she needed to head back to the heavens to continue her search overseeing more of the world. Weeks passed and a traveller reached germania and news spread about the search of Felia at the carnival. King Wallus immediatly sent a troop of strong soldiers for the search westwards, knowing his son Toutous would try to travel over the big oceans to germania. Toutous was in the middle of the ocean already when his ship leaked water and he had to stop with his crew on a little island.

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