Wednesday, September 21, 2011

two days later

Dohmen had the idea for a spontanous LAN, i didnt think they would stay over night, nor did i not think that it would end in me playing alone on the server, because i cannot play a game they were playing most of the time, but that's how it went. Then again at one point Dohmen came into the server, cheated himself TNT and blew his own yet unfinished castle apart. In the meanwhile i finished a farm, finished the gravel pathways, built little pyramids, built a little intersection building and finally sorted out all of our chests. Slowly our world gets nicer and nicer with more manmade structures. Feng sadly had a big problem to connect the night so we have no underground track system yet, which may be the next big plan for the server.

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  1. Ha, the cutest skin I have ever known in minecraft.