Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Palace Day 1

- Now -
with SPC for 1.8.1 out, i'm starting to create a giant palace project i thought about a while back. This is my first really big project and it's working quite well. I started with making a flat area to built on, a foundation. i started in mountains next to a big desert in the seed "palace", which seemed to be the perfect location. First i made a flat area of 150x150, but soon realised that this will never be enough space, so i made the area bigger to 200x200. Right after that i build cobblestone lines to represent 50x50 block areas, so i know exactly where the middle is and how i can make a layout. After i have done this i planned on a paper how much space i need for the middle towers. i made two big halls on top of each other and on top of them i started to plan where exactly i built the 5 towers and how far from each other. after that worked out well i created the 4 surrounding towers then the middle tower and then i worked on the bridges in between, looked at what i have built again and decided to make the middle tower a bit bigger. Now it reaches the cloud layer so cannot be made any taller. After i finished i created the upper hall. Windows made ladders inside and a lot of glowstone. After i finished all that i planned the towers surrounding the 5 main towers and thought that 8 observation towers would look quite nice. So i created all these and then made little springs between them to give it a better athmosphere. This all was about 5 hours of work and i still have a lot work to do.

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