Monday, September 12, 2011

the second hour => fine tuning (2)

6. It was time for the fine tuning. the walls were finished, now it was time for giving this big building a castle look. first i made a nice castle look for the edge of the walls. i really like to top things off with halfstones.

2:04 it looked like this already. so less, for so much appearance2:10 nightview ~ i think i also added more torches
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7. i was thinking about how to do other stuff and also make more light and came up with a very nice idea to make the top pieces of my corner towers. i made a 4 side pinacle top with lightstone inside. it really worked out perfectly because its now possible to make stairs, halfblocks and full blocks out of one material, which is the only way to make it look like this.

2:31 i finished them up.
8. it was time to fill the middle more. the next step for me was also to get a way up. i thought about making a flat middle building (storage) and stairs on the side or making a high middle building with a ladder inside. i decided for the last after i saw that i still had these metal doors that still led to nowhere and also i wanted the top floor to be reachable. i also made halfstones on the whole outline just to make the contrast higher.

2:37 the tower was completed
9. making the doorlights, walkways from side to side. after 20 more minutes at 2:52 i started making my last photos.

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