Friday, February 25, 2011

Und das war es dann mit der Vorabi

Mathe lief endlich wie Biologie. Alles was man gelernt hat kam letztendlich garnicht dran und stattdessen waren die Aufgaben schwierig zu verstehen und noch schwieriger umzusetzen. Ganz unten in kleiner Schrift stand dann auch noch, dass man alles was man gerade getan hat doch bitte anders macht und zwar mit der Normalverteilung und nicht der genauen Binomialverteilung. Die Analysisaufgaben waren zudem noch sehr merkwürdig formuliert und dann waren Aufgaben vorhanden, die man sonst nur aus Zusatzaufgaben kennt die dann über 1- oder glatte 1 endscheiden. Diesmal war aber die Klausur voll von solchen Aufgaben und es sieht wohl schlecht aus meinen Schnitt aufrecht zu erhalten... Urlaub im Sommer Ade =/

Thursday, February 24, 2011

And yet the next anniversary

So already it is 2 months. With all the school stress lately time still seems to rush. Probably because the study for the next exams are nothing compared to the doubts for the education after school. For our anniversary we cannot see each other, because she is in Berlin and i am writing a big math-test tomorrow. For next week it would be perfect to meet up, because i have so much free time after the tests and on the Karneval vacation, which i hate anyway. When i cannot see her i will probably be bored for nearly a week, when there is noone making a real party and noone being free, but only bad music and stuff. I either have to get an own party started then or study by that time. Best would be to meet up with my girlfriend though.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bio-Vorabi geschafft

Die schlimmste der Vorabitur Klausuren ist überstanden. Die Aufgaben waren ziemlich blöd gestellt und man wusste nicht was man schreiben sollte, dazu kam noch dass mehr Chemie in der Klausur war als ich erhofft habe (nämlich garnichts). Von den 2 Evolutionsaufgaben die zur Wahl standen schien eine komplett mit Chemie voll zu sein und deshalb habe ich sie schon früh zur Seite gelegt, die andere war dann ganz in Ordnung. Für die Klausur hoffe ich jetzt das ich irgendwie auf eine 3 oder besser komme, aber sieht aus als könnte sich das als schwierig erweisen. Freitag steht nun Mathe auf dem Plan.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Blogday!

Eigentlich wollte ich Donnerstag schon reinschreiben, aber habe dann doch deinen Geburtstag vergessen, nimm es mir nicht übel, Blog x) Jaja, wir haben schon viel zusammen durchgemacht^^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

127 Hours

If a movie nominated deserves the oscar, it is this movie. I havn't seen the other movies, but i pretty much dislike the movies made by the best well-known directors and the most expensive films. 127 Hours was a simple movie, and a good one. Innovative and although it was located nearly only on one place not boring at any moment. Badly the ending was spoiled for me, but still it managed to capture me, one of the few movies i actually care for the main character and not hate him. I would watch it in german theaters again, but there are two main problems, the first one is that the movie is probably not as cool in german. I saw the trailer and the voice was just funny, and it is not supposed to be funny at all. And the second problem is that the movie was rated FSK 12. I cannot believe that this R Rated movie gets rated 12 in germany without being heavily censored. I mean most R-Rated movies get censored and then still are FSK 18 or even Spio JK on DVD if not banned. But this is no horrormovie but drama, so it may not be that bad. And yet there is not much to cut out, only that it still ruins the whole shape of the movie.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So the big studying for the next tests began. When you come back from school at 4pm you are already tired, but i still try to study till 6pm. With the new books i bought its kinda easy, but after an hour it gets already hard to concentrate. My tests are next week on tuesday and friday and they are about 300 minutes long i think. To assure that i actually study my girl will not stay over for the weekend, so i get bored, so i study... Badly that also means that i will not see her for two weeks, because she is going to berlin. But well, what could i do.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I do not know why, but it never reached me. Two years ago i became a couple with a girl on a friday the 13th febuary, the day before valentine's day and watched saw with friends the day on valentine's day, so the days were kinda switched and i did not really celebrate it. Last year my girlfriend of that time was home on valentine's day and yet it was a bit far to meet her on that day. This year i'm in the middle of school stress and do not have time to even think about valentine's day. The first of may was kinda always more of a day for me to do something for the girl i heart, yet it is also a better day to drink and do something funny, so that i do not need the 14th febuary at all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Abi, was dann?

Nachdem Ich weiter im Internet gestöbert habe studiere Ich nun wahrscheinlich in Köln Wirtschaftsmathematik wenn alles klappt. Mathematik liegt mir und Wirtschaft interessiert mich, deshalb liegt es nahe. Ich werde in Richtung VWL, statt BWL gehen und hoffentlich ein Auslandssemester im vierten Semester machen können, wobei es dann auch von meinen Noten abhängt. Mit meinem Vater muss ich das dann bald mal besprechen und gucken wie es dann mit Wohnung oder ähnlichem aussieht. Der Vorteil an Köln ist, dass es nicht weit weg ist und ich dann eh jedes Wochenende wieder nach Hause kommen kann falls Party ansteht oder so. Denn ich denke dann ist Köln doch zu weit und es lohnt sich nicht statt dahin zu ziehen mit Zug jeden Tag zu fahren.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tasty Planet

The last few days i played a game called Tasty Planet, actually 2 games with that name. I first played it on armorgames and then downloaded the full version on my phone, after finishing it i downloaded the sequel of the game which was already out. The game is about a grey goo, the most hungry girl ever. It eats everything smaller than itself to grow. Starting with bacteria, pollen, peddles, rice corns, ants, over cats, humans and tanks up to whole planets, solar systems, galaxies and the whole universe. A very nice game for boring days, but hard to earn medals to get to the later and bonus levels. Next time when my girl is over, we will try the co-operative modus.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Long-Hair-Problematic

Problematic: Your girlfriend has long hair and when she takes your shower after a while your drain is clogged. You could simply unclog it, but you are too lazy and search for other solutions. The problem now looks like that G (Girlfriend) * H (long hair) > D (what the drain is allowed to sustain without getting clogged)

G = cons > 0
H = var.
D = cons > 0
c = less than, the opposite of >, to solve a Html problem

1. Simple solution: G*HcD+I, but because i am too lazy this does not work.

2. Making one of the parameters Zero to get less than D
a) 0*HcD, this works, but i am not going to kill my girlfriend to solve this problem.
b) G*0cD, so yeah i'm totally shaving my girlfriend bald, wait... no I am not, there has to be another solution.

3. Change the variable to get under D
G*hcD, this works, but my girlfriend does not suit short hair at all, at least it's better than shaving her bald i guess, but give me another solution!

4. Alternating reality
a) G*HcD+G, letting her unclog it. Really? That ain't an option
b) 0cD, not letting her shower anymore, wow that's rude and doesn't work over weekends. Now give me something useful!
c) 0=0, ignoring the problem completally, well this is best, but yet needs to get improved
d) 0=0 v xcD=-B, ranting over my blog because of this and ignoring the problem, damn that works fine

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fight for your life

And here we go again. I was in Team Red. I never was worse than the average player with my stats, but still it wasn't enough to give me a better place than 5 in the last and 9 out of 22 players in the regular games. Nevertheless it was epic. What bucks me is that sometimes my team just ran away and i stood there alone between the two other colors and then finding a way out costs you about 4 lifes, especially when they follow you. After those three rounds i was sweaty and tired and had no voice and my girlfriend had nothing of those things. With 150 shots in a round and about 15 kills and 15 times killed, she wasn't that bad at all, but the point is to make a lot of kills even if you die a lot, so she still didn't make it under the Top 20. That was similar to my first time player when i died 2 times and killed 27 and had the best kill/death ratio, but found out later that this is the point of paintball, but lasertag works different. After all this i took an ice cold shower and cannot wait for the next time we'll play.