Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I do not know why, but it never reached me. Two years ago i became a couple with a girl on a friday the 13th febuary, the day before valentine's day and watched saw with friends the day on valentine's day, so the days were kinda switched and i did not really celebrate it. Last year my girlfriend of that time was home on valentine's day and yet it was a bit far to meet her on that day. This year i'm in the middle of school stress and do not have time to even think about valentine's day. The first of may was kinda always more of a day for me to do something for the girl i heart, yet it is also a better day to drink and do something funny, so that i do not need the 14th febuary at all.


  1. u can celebrate with ur new gf now,why not?

  2. i'm in school stress and it is monday, so i do not have a car today.

  3. what a pity! hope ur gf will figure it out:)