Thursday, February 24, 2011

And yet the next anniversary

So already it is 2 months. With all the school stress lately time still seems to rush. Probably because the study for the next exams are nothing compared to the doubts for the education after school. For our anniversary we cannot see each other, because she is in Berlin and i am writing a big math-test tomorrow. For next week it would be perfect to meet up, because i have so much free time after the tests and on the Karneval vacation, which i hate anyway. When i cannot see her i will probably be bored for nearly a week, when there is noone making a real party and noone being free, but only bad music and stuff. I either have to get an own party started then or study by that time. Best would be to meet up with my girlfriend though.

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  1. the time goes so fast that i can't believe it xD