Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fight for your life

And here we go again. I was in Team Red. I never was worse than the average player with my stats, but still it wasn't enough to give me a better place than 5 in the last and 9 out of 22 players in the regular games. Nevertheless it was epic. What bucks me is that sometimes my team just ran away and i stood there alone between the two other colors and then finding a way out costs you about 4 lifes, especially when they follow you. After those three rounds i was sweaty and tired and had no voice and my girlfriend had nothing of those things. With 150 shots in a round and about 15 kills and 15 times killed, she wasn't that bad at all, but the point is to make a lot of kills even if you die a lot, so she still didn't make it under the Top 20. That was similar to my first time player when i died 2 times and killed 27 and had the best kill/death ratio, but found out later that this is the point of paintball, but lasertag works different. After all this i took an ice cold shower and cannot wait for the next time we'll play.

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