Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Long-Hair-Problematic

Problematic: Your girlfriend has long hair and when she takes your shower after a while your drain is clogged. You could simply unclog it, but you are too lazy and search for other solutions. The problem now looks like that G (Girlfriend) * H (long hair) > D (what the drain is allowed to sustain without getting clogged)

G = cons > 0
H = var.
D = cons > 0
c = less than, the opposite of >, to solve a Html problem

1. Simple solution: G*HcD+I, but because i am too lazy this does not work.

2. Making one of the parameters Zero to get less than D
a) 0*HcD, this works, but i am not going to kill my girlfriend to solve this problem.
b) G*0cD, so yeah i'm totally shaving my girlfriend bald, wait... no I am not, there has to be another solution.

3. Change the variable to get under D
G*hcD, this works, but my girlfriend does not suit short hair at all, at least it's better than shaving her bald i guess, but give me another solution!

4. Alternating reality
a) G*HcD+G, letting her unclog it. Really? That ain't an option
b) 0cD, not letting her shower anymore, wow that's rude and doesn't work over weekends. Now give me something useful!
c) 0=0, ignoring the problem completally, well this is best, but yet needs to get improved
d) 0=0 v xcD=-B, ranting over my blog because of this and ignoring the problem, damn that works fine

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