Wednesday, February 16, 2011

127 Hours

If a movie nominated deserves the oscar, it is this movie. I havn't seen the other movies, but i pretty much dislike the movies made by the best well-known directors and the most expensive films. 127 Hours was a simple movie, and a good one. Innovative and although it was located nearly only on one place not boring at any moment. Badly the ending was spoiled for me, but still it managed to capture me, one of the few movies i actually care for the main character and not hate him. I would watch it in german theaters again, but there are two main problems, the first one is that the movie is probably not as cool in german. I saw the trailer and the voice was just funny, and it is not supposed to be funny at all. And the second problem is that the movie was rated FSK 12. I cannot believe that this R Rated movie gets rated 12 in germany without being heavily censored. I mean most R-Rated movies get censored and then still are FSK 18 or even Spio JK on DVD if not banned. But this is no horrormovie but drama, so it may not be that bad. And yet there is not much to cut out, only that it still ruins the whole shape of the movie.

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