Monday, September 12, 2011

Two hours in creative mode (1)

i downloaded the pre-release out of boredom and rebuilt the castle i made in classic with limitations in a little over two hours.

1. First i searched for a nice spot to build my castle. at one point i found a kind of flat area with a little village next to it. the next step was making the footprint of my castle with obsidian and flattening all the area around it.

2. Inside the Towers i made stone as a foundation. It went rather quick and then i made the first construction picture.
0:52 Tower foundation complete!

3. the next step was making a floor for the inner parts of the castle. i just made a wooden floor.
0:58 Floor complete after much lagging
4. now it was time to make the full outlining of the castle. 2 floors for the 6x6 towers and 3 floors for the 9x9 towers. It was a pretty monotonous work...
1:10 it was completed

5. Now it was time for the most annoying part. filling all this walls with different types of stone glass and doors...

1:42 After a long half hour it looked like this
1:59 Another 15minutes later it looked like this

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