Friday, September 9, 2011

The Pandanian Odyssey I

And Then Felia, goddess of love, raised her voice, so that all of what was left on earth could hear her futile cries. And all men fell silent, looked into the heavens and knew the tragedy without ever knowing the story. Her son Toutous, half human, half god, son of Wallus, ancient king of germania, was heading westwards down the six heavens to bring his father a letter from his mother. But then a strong wind blew him further eastwards. The strong winds took him from the sky and shattered all of his remains on the most eastern land, directly in front of the big blue sea. Toutous, having lost his wings and godmade armor, knew he was lost, but little did he know that he was lost in the big Pandanian Land. He lost his conciousness while roughly landing on a boulder and waking up on the big stoney beach, seeing the letter he was about to bring home flying across the ocean. Toutous knew that he had to follow his letter to furfill his task and so he went to the nearest port city, the metropolis of Oceania, the last bastion before the dark blue roughless sea. Toutous searched for the strongest and cleverest men he was able to find and bought a ship to cross the ocean. At that moment he heard his mothers scream in vain and knew that she had lost him in the eye of the storm. Toutous and his crew were alone against the natures strongest and most evil power in the dark of the ocean and no god was able to help them so near at the edge of the world. And so the Odyssey began, a crew travelling eastwards to the border of imagination and sanity to bring back the letter of a god, meant for the king of germania.

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