Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saw III traps reused in Saw VII

obvious Saw 7 spoilers here!

So Saw III featured in a teaser poster art thing, the original script and what they actually did Troy in three different way to die. I remember a poster with Troy's teeth pulled out. Actually there were exactly 3 teeth hanging on another poster and what did we see in Saw VII? Exactly, someone pulling out his teeth. There is another conceptual art picture with Troy hanging down on hooks (the one i posted belongs to "The Traps of Saw III"). He had to rescue himself from those hooks, but it was changed, because it would have been impossible for him to rescue himself. Bobby Dagen's trap he wrote about has also hooks, the last trap he has to go though is kind of similar. And the last thing is the actual Troy-trap, which was similar used in the Car trap, where one victim i can't remember the name of right now is torn apart with chains in his body by the car driving off and ripping the chains out.

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