Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saw VII Reviews

Ok all in all it's a lot different then what i heard i heard spoilers that were not really true at all. I was pretty afraid of the movie, but it turned out great for several reasons i cannot state without giving things away. The public trap was in fact not that great and it is kinda sad that there were no flashbacks of the other survivors, which was kinda sad. John was not really in the movie, he could have made the movie perfect if there were more flashbacks of him, but sadly there wasn't. The traps were awesome, but felt rushed kinda and yeah they were huge, but i think it was alright. Bobby's storyline felt kinda awkward, because there were no real flashbacks explaining stuff and the other victims felt random, but i have to admit i felt sorry for Bobby, that was made great i liked his character a lot and while watching the traps my heart was bumping and i hoped for some victims to survive and when a person died or survived it always got me. I heard a lot of spoilers pointing out the bad things and i had such a low expectation that it didnt seem bad at all. The cops were all over the place and it felt kinda strange them running around like lemmings, but still it was good. Although i have to admit its a saw film so after seeing the movie 5 or 10 times my views on it can change. If they make a directors cut with more John stuff and longer traps this movie will be a lot better. But even without it is not really bad either. Another thing is there was not really a twist, but the ending still was shocking i think.

Ok if you have not seen the movie, please do not read further unless you are not a saw fan anyways and just read this for fun, but reading this will ruin a lot of movie experience.

Ok the movie starts with Dr.G crawling out the bathroom, that scene was kinda cool. The public trap wasn't really good, but not that bad either, like a standard opening trap it felt like. In my crappy version the gore looked stupid though. Jill's trap... i'm still angry about it, one thing that was spoiled for me was that it was her nightmare and it made me angry before watching the movie, because a trap feels so random, it was only there for the sake of gore and for the sake of showing it. While watching the movie it grew on me though, because it made clear why Jill was such a crybaby in the movie. Her character arc made a 180 degree turn from that point. In Saw V mysterious to Saw VI becomming kickass to Saw VII being the total victim. On the other side Hoffman showed us what kickass character he is. The whole thing with him getting to Jill Tuck was epic and his way of killing her was great too. Some people think this movie is not a real saw movie because the trap seemed so random and so many people died, just for Hoffman to get what he wants, but i think that is exactly what Saw VI lead us to. It would have been cooler if Hoffman got shot by the police on the way outside the station, because it seemed knda dumb that no police man thought about going to that police station and looking whats wrong. Instead showing the survivors get him was great though. They made clear that all the survivors learned from the traps and in seeing Hoffman as just a murderer they REALLY completed John's legacy. The survivors get Hoffman and make him suffer for what he has done. It was not only Gordon. Gordon is not an apprentice either, they will most likely not test anyone, they are happy they got the opportunity to change there life, so did Gordon, and locking Hoffman up ends the series. BTW bringing the bathroom back was the best thing in the whole film. I wanted it for so many years now it was great to see Dr. Gordon's rotted foot. I think seeing the bathroom would have been kinda twist like for me if it wasnt spoiled ONE freaking day before i finally saw it :( i really hope you guys didn't got the bathroom spoiled. Dr.G helping wasnt a big spoiler though and i was happy i got it spoiled, cause i was so afraid they make him an apprentice, but in the end it seemed more like a little helper for me and more of a symbol for the survivor group. The traps in all were great i will rate them here now:
Public Trap: 4/10. The idea wasn't too bad and it kinda shows the concept of Saw VII, which is publicity in a way.
Jill's Trap: 6/10 (9/10 if it was real)
Garage Trap: 8/10. This was one epic trap, sadly it was too short, they could have made a lot more of it.
Lawnmowertrap: 7/10. The thing is that we saw nothing, it's left to our imagination i kinda liked that, i still hope they expend it in the director's cut though
1. The Hanging Cage: 6/10. nice easy concept. Only Bobby alone and no random victim.
2. The Dentist Chair: 6/10. Nice trap, not outstanding but was nice.
3. The Wheel: 8/10. I am not sure why but it made me feel for the victim i was sitting here and it was one hell of a time because i really thought this time the victim could survive, in the end it was at least a nice death scene. Sadly i understood one scene first the wrong way. When the police arrived at the scene the hear Bobby scream and i thought this victim was still alive and not that they reacted to Bobby.
4. Pulling teeth: 5/10 Not really a trap, but kinda nice scene, although it was random
5. The Blindfolded: 4/10 I didnt like this trap really much.
6. Bobby's Final Test: 9/10 This trap was awesome. It is sad that Joyce died, but it is so ironic that he had to test himself in his own test and he was so kept in that thought that he didn't consider trying to get up another wayinstead of putting the hooks inside his muscles. And at the end he failed his test, which was kinda sad, because i would have liked to see a happy end for him and Joyce.
Reverse Bear Trap: 9/10 Yeah we all wanted to see him, it's kinda random they used it in VI and VII now, but still it was great, because now every apprentice was in that trap, although of course there is a difference, Jill was just executed and i think she was so afraid that she lost her survival instinct, too.

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