Friday, October 22, 2010

Burj Khalifa be prepared

So the news are not new that there are proposals for buildings that will be taller then burj khalifa, but in 3 weeks one of them is actually set into motion and will be constructed for real and not stay a vision. That Tower will be Kingdom Tower located in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia is stunning the world with its major project in Mecca already, where the most massive skyscraper is constructed. Now only about 60kms away there will rise this major building which is set to be over 1000m high. Some sources even say 1600m. The final design is yet to be announced, or at least i have not heard that this will stay the final design. This would become the first building over 250m in the city and overtower most likely everything around. The picture and the news are from a forum i use to stay a lot. More details will come in the next weeks.

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