Friday, October 22, 2010

So where can we go from here?


The Jill gets torn apart clip made me think of several things. They wouldn't show it if it's the last scene of the movie. Also Betsy had not that much time on set if im not mistaken. We thought Hoffman against Jill may be the general topic of the movie, but there we have Dr. G. Lawrence and Hoffman are no friends is what they said, so the story may begin with Hoffman getting his revenge on Jill in like the first 30 minutes of the movie and continue with Lawrence against him. It actually makes sense. also they said they had the idea to make two movies instead of this one. That means the general story could have been like Saw V and Saw VI. In V it's all about Strahm and Hoffman, VII would have been Jill against Hoffman but they made the story shorter and the original end with the death of Jill comes earlier and is no twist at all more a start for the actual story. Like that it doesnt need to be a dream sequence or anything it is just what happens. Remember when we thought Saw IV would be all about Jeff's new game? The Saw Crew surprised us with something epic and thats what happened again. I still hope Jigsaw will have a plan for Hoffman so he won't come to far though, cause yeah he has to die.

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