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Saw Chronology-Cuts

Ok now i have two fan-edits for the chronologycut for Saw. One is complete with the first 6 movies and one is yet only the beginning till the end of Saw I. In this post i will compare the two Cuts in style and scenes they used. To compare the versions, I will only use the first 2 dvds from JB, since they also end with the last bathroom scene.

The Jigsaw Files: 1 DVD - 140 minutes
JB's Cut (first 2 parts): 2 DVDs - 150 minutes

Both movies have a DVD title screen and different scene selections.

The Intro
JB: JB's Cut starts with the lionsgate and twisted pictures titles followed by the producer notes and directors. First screen is from Saw I, then II, then III (so not every single screen, but one from each movie). After that we see all title screens and then the real movie starts. (01:48)
First Scenes: JB starts with flashes of Hoffman and his sister, Jill Tuck in the park, Hoffman at the crime scene of his sister, Rigg's backstory at the school followed by the death of Dylan. After that we see the scene of John meeting William at the party without interruption as it is in the TJF version. (05:51)

TJF: The movie starts with a 3 second long scene, where adam is kidnapped. Then we see producer notes, but not from the original movie, but from the Fan Edited website. those two scenes are also outside the movie in VLC, those 23 seconds i will not count in this notes for easier finding in the movie itself. After the notes we see a biblic quote (Matthew 16:25) to introduce the movie. then we see different producer notes, this time with fitting melody and a nice saw style to it. between the notes we see several scenes:
Bobby falling of the table, John sitting desperately in a chair, John lifting Bobby up, John meeting William on the party (with little flashs of John in his lair, mostly to fit the audio). After that scene we see the title screen "The Jigsaw Files"

After John met William
JB: John and Jill meet at house he bought with the clock, when John lifts up Bobby it flashes to William meeting Harold, who puts his complaint on the table. (07:58) Now it starts where TJF start now too: in the Clinic with Cecil getting aggressive. It follows the whole story with Jill losing Gideon. (12:38)
TJF: After Cecil got aggressive we get to see the clock scene in Jigsaw's lair, both chronological orders seem logical for me although they differ in the two versions. After Bobby is shown it continues with Jill's story, but it is shortened a bit. (ex. Cecil and Amanda in the car) The Cherish your Life scene becomes a flashback when John is in the hospital. (o7:08)

After Gideon died
Both Versions continue with Art Blank meeting up with John and Jill (14:21/08:50) and both versions follow with John in the hospital (changes in sound (see note) and style) and then meeting with William talking about his cancer followed by John driving his car off the cliff. (note: The JB version features John's voice like in the flashbacks for a better understanding and TJF version features music for a better athmosphere). Both version continue with Cecil being captured and tested. (24:39/18:50)
Now comes a major difference: TJF adds Rigg in the school, which was featured in JB right in the beginning. This scene might be worth a later discussion. (20:38)
After that scene it continues the same as JB's version again. Jill meets John in his lair and she finds the pictures of cecil and the glass coffin. After that we have the pendulum scene in both versions with everything connected to that scene (Hoffman investigating, getting captured by Jigsaw, Shotgunchair) No major differences. (42:26/36:56)

Hoffman is recruited
Both versions continue in the storyline with Paul being tested, Mark being tested and Amanda being tested. The major difference is that JB first showed every trap and then the police investigation and TJF show the traps still as flashbacks. TJF also show Amanda and Cecil driving in the car as a blurry flashback that Amanda has while she is getting high. JB stays in the chronological order and TJF orientates on the chronological order but makes differences to make it story fitting. Amanda meets Jigsaw and is recruited at (59:51/54:56)

Amanda is recruited
Tapp and Sing find the location and the scene with the drill chair and the shotgun chair happens. No major differences (1:10:08/1:04:52).
Now again a major difference: TJF feature the "rockstar scene", which is not featured in JB's cut since it's a deleted scene. It is followed by another major difference. JB shows Tapp in his lair and TJF shows Gordon saying good night to his daughter. Since Adam took pictures of Gordon leaving the house, i think its reasonable that Tapp was in the house in fact before Zep started kidnapping. JB also features the scene with Amanda and John ("every cell in your body") before Diana wakes up. (1:11:52/1:05:58)
The story follows in both versions with the kidnap scenes. the cell in your body scene is in TJF right before Adam gets kidnapped. After the kidnap scenes the bathroom scene from Saw III ends at (1:30:52 (end DVD I)/ 1:23:12)

The Bathroom
Now both versions continue with the bathroom. The first flashback when Gordon starts telling the story was cut out in both versions at (15:24/1:36:50).
The first major difference is when Adam finds the note and the picture of Diana and Alison. TJF show how Zep treats them right afterwards and shows Tapp looking at him out of the window. The storyline of the bathroom has no major differences afterwards and is similar to the original movie. In the end of the movie both versions leave the flashbacks in with the key in the bathtub and with the victim flashes. the Jigsaw files adds flashbacks from the other saw movies into the fast process that were seen before too. John closes the door at (54:35/2:17:33).

The End
TJF show right with the screaming the credits. A few kind words and producer notes as credits with the actors, writers etc. After a coming soon screen we see Amanda entering the bathroom killing Adam ending with a screen "The Jigsaw Files II"
JB's second DVD doesn't end at the door closing part. It features Amanda's dream and then her killing Adam and stops then without credits since they are featured at the very end of all dvds.

And What version shall I watch now?
Both versions are highly recommended for different reasons.

JB's version has every single scene in the movie at the right place with a great edited style. For fans a must since it shws the timeline perfectly. TJF are different. They are oriented on the timeline, but leave parts out to make it look like a movie and not just like a timeline. TJF may be more rewatchable, but not as accurate. And vice versa for JB's version. If i had to rate both version, both would get an A with 10 million stars, because it is just awesome. I really hope when Saw VII comes out that both versions will get an update to be completed.

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