Monday, November 29, 2010

The Walking Dead - Wildfire ~

Another huge step into the development of a story that is so epic that it might be the best drama series that is still developing. One episode before the final, a lot of fates stay unclear. We met a character arc of a father and son in the first episode that gets hinted at, but not yet shown. We have the group split, so there is another family that is yet to be told about. One of my favorite characters is left for dead in the woods, but Jim is not yet shown dead, so maybe he will return as a zombie at one point. And of course there is still that redneck, who cut his hand of in episode 3, but was not shown again, yet. The group came across a military base with exactly one person left, who is not only cool, but seems to be one great character too. I'm still on the dislike trip for some characters though, but they may involve with time or die, although i don't think that the protagonists wife has any chance to die. For everyone who has not seen the series, yet, you shall check it out it is awesome.
Possible, but unlikely spoilers: I've also read that in the comics Lori dies, by the main antagonist in the comic book series, but i have the feeling that they will not kill her off. If they will, i will cheer.

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