Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Walking Dead

So a new show aired about a month ago and 4 episodes are out already. Friday i started watching it and after the first 4 episodes i gotta admit, that the show is super cool! A funny fact about the show is that the wife of the main character is played by the same actress, who played Sara in prison break and once again i hate her character and want her to die :D The gore in the show ain't bad at all and the whole show makes a good homage to the old zombie flicks. The characters are lickable and there is a lot of potential for conflicts between some. I can imagine that the both redneck brothers team up soon and will trick the rest of the group in a way T-Bag did in Prison Break a lot. Today the new episode aires in america and i cannot wait to see it tomorrow already, badly there are only 6 episodes set in this season, but i think we got to see how it will turn out eventually.

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