Saturday, July 30, 2011

fast tester is fast

After a few days of constructing the game i thought i was quite ahead my tester, especially after some hard things to figure out i thought i could slow down my speed in drawing, but then there was grincat. she actually played the game already to the current end and there is no way i can give her a much updated version in the next days. But well i still have enough ideas what to do next so maybe i make some tricky things inside so this game gets a bit harder the further you get. it gets anyway because there are more and more areas where things could be combined. so when i let her without clues what to do next, i may get the step ahead again that i was. Also i let Meg play the game and it showed me some flaws i didnt realise. So i improved some things and made the whole game a bit smoother i think. Still i need to build up some story next though and of course more cool elements to continue and discover.


  1. haha I had fun playing your game even with the 'horrible' graphics :D

  2. and not to forget without sounds^^