Sunday, July 31, 2011

The problem with items and locations

Yesterday i knew how to continue the story and created a bunch of items i used for that part, but the problem is that i can't just lay them in a shelf around for every one to easily pick up, that would be pointless. i need to hide them, but that's the problem. i am not yet sure where to hide them and how to get them, so i need to create new areas to just lock them up somewhere to make it not too easy. Before it was the other extreme. i had a lot of locations but no items to hide. But i'm sure im creative enough to get that stuff fixed. Another funny thing is how i found a typo. a friend whose english isnt the best looked words up he didnt know and stumbled upon ripcage. obviously he didnt find a translation for ripcage, because its called ribcage, he asked me and i was like ok i gotta change that immediatly.


  1. Luckily,I found the translation for ripcage. I am rather sure I would have never know this word if I hadnt played your game.