Sunday, June 17, 2012

future dreams

studying all days make me think about the near future. before i even go to china i n only a few weeks time i may get FINALLY faster internet and therefor can start to play minecraft together with Yvonne. I planned a lot and really do hope that she can keep up with my speed so that we can have a fair gameplay together with not building a home together but being like neighbors sharing a few things like the nether and experience farms but otherwise trying to build stuff on our own and showing what we can do. as an admin i will also spawn unobtainable items, but not for me, but for Yvonne to give him some riddles and reasons to play and also to make it easier for her to keep up with me. I am sure in the time if we get better internet, i am finally able to show her how to build some mob traps and similar thing. i can't wait to see it happen and really hope that i really get faster internet.

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