Thursday, May 24, 2012

A quite different testrun

Normally on thursdays i either have no time, because i am in college or i do have time to run the snapshot right when it comes out. Then i testrun it in creative, try to find the new things and help editing the Wiki anonymously. This time however it will be different. If i have the time and i can get home earlier today, i will play the new snapshot in Survival mode and play a few minecraft days. I will get full iron armor, get redstone and coal to test if storage blocks for these materials were added. I also get an ender pearl to test the enderchest theory and try to build a laser that was another possible added block and most importantly after i gathered materials i search for a village and take a look at the new trading system. I also will go outside the first night to check how the night will look with the new stars. When i found redstone and it still has the same texture i may be underground for a longer while to see if i can find the new ore.After i did all of these things i will do what i normally do, go to creative and take a look at the things i have missed and look online what else was changed. Oh and i also have to take a boatride and will of course try to stack buckets, maybe even try to stack water buckets and stuff. If I really want to continue playing for a longer time i may even try to find enough gold for the Notch apple, but i think this will not happen, since it needs 72 pieces of gold.

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