Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh fuck you, pink!

-I made a picture while iron was cooking, in the background the tunnel i made which made everything worse-
-a little cute silverfish <3 yes they were also around-
-That's how basically every room looked, just with more spaces-

-i was amazed that i had a calm moment without any monsters at that part-

So i invited Yvonne for a call and went home through the desert, did some resource management, got some wheat, some wood etc etc and headed onto the island. After quite some ways of walking with stupid lag i saw the victory monument right there in the middle of the island. Next to the VM there was a huge mossy area with water going inside. Instead of going down with the water, i played it clever and destroyed the whole upper layer, so that sunlight goes in and i know what i am facing. Down i saw an entrance and made my way thru the outside to not face mobs. Then came a staircase with poison spiders and ghasts. I didn't know what insanity was about to happen when i made a break there. After a hard time fighting these spiders i had to face the worst, random rooms full of blazes (there were so many blazes that minecraft lost its sounds, a common bug, which can be fatal when you dont hear creepers sizzle). First i played it safe and surrounded the rooms, trapped the blazes and looted the chests, but after i traveled in circles for half an hour or longer i just went inside lit everything up and destroyed all spawners. It was difficult, but i really was lost in that maze. And even when i had everything lit up it didn't help. I didn't see a monster for 5 minutes, but neither saw the fleece-box. I found a lot of iron and even 5 pieces of gold and stacks of coal, but not the fleece-box. It took me long, but at the end i realized that when i was building a safe walkway, i built it exactly over a shaft down directly to the fleece-box. So all these arrows i wasted on the blazes were just because i missed the right way directly in the beginning of the area. I was quite mad at myself for my shability, but in the end it worked out i guess. Now i have the pink wool and full iron armor.

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  1. Haha, i wish i could have seen you fighting against many monsters.