Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stranded - Day 1 & 2

Day 1

My ship broke and i have nothing on my body except my water-heavy clothes. I see land, but hesitate to go, maybe i should first look for all supplies left in my sunken ship before heading into the unknown. Diving and holding my breath i go town to the body of my ship. I find two chests with a bit of armor and a sword. A bit of food and other supply i may need later. Even a bit of wood and basic tools. I also found a bit of stone i will have to use later. Before it is getting dark i should explore a bit of the land, get a few seeds to start a basic wheat farm, and find some stone. I found a bit of coal on the surface and in a little cave-in under a gravel-trap i dodged, i found even a bit more of coal and stone. While mining stone with a freshly made wooden pickaxe i made from wood i found in my ship and wood i destroyed of my ship (since its sunken i may as well use it) i was attacked by a spider. No problem for the iron sword and i immediately closed up the dark cave the spider came out of. I planted my seeds on the shore and now had to decide where i wanted to live. Yesterday when i thought about this scenario i figured a house that is up a few blocks so monsters can't easily reach it may be a good idea, but now i got a better idea. I headed into the ocean back to my ship. No mobs will spawn in water i thought and started building a platform right over my wooden past. The sun started to kiss the horizon goodbye.

Night 1

It was a peaceful night, i made torches and put it down on my little piece of artificial land i created as a permanent home until i found the monument. I expended the area and then gathered more wood from my ship. I also headed down into my ship to gather a few more things, but i was mislead and used up precious time hunting after a ghost (destroying parts of the ship only to find out that it was the room i already looted). I made a few more tools, started a basic layout of my platform and rested to be ready for the big journey that was to come. While waiting i made the worst mistake of the first day. I ate the only melon i had instead of making seeds out of it, immediately after i ate it i screamed "NOO", but it was too late.