Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Snapshot?

So tomorrow another minecraft snapshot will come and it will have two weeks of new features, since last week we did not get one. I do hope for an overall better performance, since the last snapshots made my game run extremely slow. jeb_ hinted at the new features we are expecting.

New Item: ruby - currency for trading with villagers
Trading System - I really hope that diamonds are possible to buy, so that people can farm things and for that get diamonds, without needing to mindlessly just stripmine, which gets annoying after a while.
New Ore - It looks like a ruby ore, but it may be a re-textured redstone ore. Maybe redstone can be crafted from rubies or the other way around?
Texture - Maybe a new redstone ore texture as said, and additionally a new gravel texture that looks quite promising, maybe they finally added the feature to turn gravel into flint too, who knows. Also the stars in the sky are smaller now and brighter, i hope for some constellations in the night sky.
New Block - A "useful" block that was requested before. i really hope it is not the enderchest, which is a chest that can be opened from everywhere you want with another enderchest, because that is too much into the magic style for me, i would prefer to see a redstone or coal block instead, that would be quite cool, or something else decorative, or maybe even a trap block, but well i shouldn't guess.
Buckets stackable - This is something extremely useful, because empty buckets just fill a whole inventory easily.
Better boats - I actually don't mind that boats get destroyed by lilypads, that's just how minecraft works. However i would love to see that you can pick up boats again.
Apple of Notch - Interesting idea to bring back an uber item. i really hope they give it an ability of an potion effect that is in the game but not used yet.

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