Friday, May 4, 2012

Stranded - Day 3 & 4

Day 3

Day 3 was a rainy day, so i could not do many things, i tried to stay distant to make enemies despawn and then walked carefully to the island. I planted the saplings, dug myself into a hole and gathered a bunch of stone. With the stone i made tools and i used it to make a very little and ugly cobblestone hole. I also built a little chicken-farm on the water and a bamboo farm. I had two eggs, but badly did not get any chickens, yet. When the night came the rain luckily stopped. During the night i tried to get a spider from the land follow me into the water (to kill it and finally get my third piece of string), but i wasn't lucky. I killed two spiders and both gave me no string at all and to get them into the water was extremely difficult. The first time i saw two spiders on the shore, but when i swam near it 7 creepers spawned already. After a few minutes of swimming back and forth i got a spider that dropped 2 strings for my arrow. This world has a lot of gravel, so i am confident that i can soon get a lot of arrows, when i have a chicken-farm going.

I'm not used to live on ugly places without any symmetry, but this has to be enough for now.

Day 4

The day arose after i crafted some more tools and this was going to be a good, but boring day. On the shore were still 5 creepers. One exploded (i took no damage) and the others didn't seem to mind me that much. The trees started growing and it took me nearly half the day to get one big tree completely down. I may not care about the material of my house right now and it all looks like trash, but one thing i cannot stand even in survival is trees floating midair. After i knocked down the tree i replanted the trees. The saplings i gathered i can now burn in a furnace, because i do not want more trees in that farm for now, because i do not want more mobs to spawn. I cooked the tree chunks down into coal and made torches which i all laid down on the shore. Then i gathered some more stone in a hole. killed three sheep for wool made a bed when the night started and i figured that routine now will kick in. Stocking up on all of my resources and living a nice adventurous life, yet i will not rush to start moving onwards to the island before i haven't secured the first part of my shore completely.

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  1. Ohh, you are playing carefully i think. Being more prepared is always good. Looking forward to seeing the little chickens on your farm.