Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Snapshot!

New Item: emerald - it seems to be extremely rare, i just heard that it only spawns in extreme hills and i will test it soon i think.
Trading System - the trading system is quite funny i have to admit and seeing that when you are lucky you can buy diamonds and sell coal, so with patience you can farm diamonds, just by cutting down trees and burning it into charcoal.
New Ore - see emerald
Texture - the gravel texture and the stars indeed look very nice and also gravel is now lower in volume i think.
New Block - It really is the enderchest now. Considering it is quite expensive and it cannot be a big chest i think it is not too powerful, which i was afraid it would. It may be a good addition, because all players share one chest, so if players are far away from each other they can use it as a trading method.
Buckets stackable - This is indeed useful and on my little playthrough it came in handy already.
Better boats - The boats are broken right now, you cannot move them around and the movement is extremely buggy, i think its a bug. They break lilypads, which i dont really care about, but they dont drop boats if tried to be picked up by axe or hand, which is quite sad, so no real improvements here.
Apple of Notch - This item is amazing. It makes you nearly immortal for 30 seconds, because your regeneration is so damn fast. Afterwards you still have 4 and a half minutes with resistence against enemies and invincibility of lava. so a very good addition.

Villages - Villages now consist of sandstone in the desert biome. They look perfectly fitting and i hope more villages in different biomes are about to come.
Pyramids - The pyramids are nice looking structures with chests and a basic TNT trap inside. For my taste they are a bit too overpowered. From my first pyramid i got 7 diamonds and from the second one 3 diamonds. They seem to be not as rare as villages too, so either they should spawn less often or the loot should be changed. I also think dungeons lose its appeal with the additions, dungeons should now feature the new golden apple instead of the cheap one, so that it makes it worth looking for.
Sandstone Stairs - It was about time that they have been added. Yet there is no crafting recipe, which may change next thursday.
Dispenser Update - Lava and water can be controlled by dispensers now which is amazing, i can imagine nice temples with waterfalls on the sides that can be controlled just by one line of redstone behind it instead of pistons that may not look as good.
Bugs - Lightning bugs, misshapen terrain and extreme lags are still common, i hope they can fix it, so that the new version gets better playable. Also pausing the game is still broken and leaving the game in the background eats so much RAM that it melts my computer pretty much, i hope they can fix these problems, the last real version still runs a lot faster. And they seem to have introduced chunk errors in singleplayer. I have never seen these kinds of errors before in single player, it is normally only a multiplayer problem, also there is a weird error that disguises dirt and sand blocks as stone and sandstone blocks and you have to restart the world to fix it, i saw that bug before, but also only in multiplayer. All in all it is a decent update though (not only decent but amazing, it is a lot of stuff added, which can improve gameplay, i just hope the bugs can be fixed so that it actually will improve the gameplay.)

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  1. Apple of Notch can make you immortal for only 30 seconds. that is too little time to do anything. Why your regeneration is so damn fast? Is it slow before?

    I have never seen a bug before. Haha