Thursday, May 31, 2012


another thursday and another minecraft snapshot. so the enchanting got a lot better. A basic mobfarm will now bring the player to the highest enchanting level in a fast time. The levels are now linear towards each other, which means that from level 50 to 51 there is the same amount of XP needed as from level 0 to 1. Also the highest enchanting level got changed to 30. I was afraid that this also destroyed good enchantments, but apparently all the enchantments are still there just lowered. Mining also yields levels. Levels are now so easy to acquire that the ender dragon yields a bit over 1000 levels, which is simply insane. At least this makes annoying waiting times on a mob grinder a lot less painful. It may be overpowered and too easy to get the highest level, but it is better than standing in front of a grinder for an hour. AND FUCK YES THE PAUSE BUTTON IS BACK!
trading has been improved, but i think that trading will still change a lot in the future. It is just funny to see how it will change in the future.
Jungle Temples are like the pyramids a cool addition, but the traps are easy to destroy and the loot again includes diamonds, but because it is only one chest with diamonds it may be okay since they are rather rare. Also they feature chiseled stone bricks, which were not able to acquire before.
Smelting lava in a furnace doesn't swallow the bucket anymore which is amazing news and it took long to fix that bug. Now the nether can be used as a fuel source pretty much. Tripwire is one of the best features, especially for UHC, now traps are a lot easier to hide. potions in the creative inventory are also quite useful. Block of emerald is a nice addition for buildings. I may use it for future buildings too, since it is finally a green block with a nice texture. Adventure Game Mode is also finally added. As a fan of buildings and surviving it is nothing for me, but this has been promised before and i think it was time that it is finally added to the game (although very buggy and not complete at all). I have heard that zombie pigman can now spawn in the real world by a nether portal, which is a nice little addition for the game. Oh and rain can fill cauldrons which finally gives them a use. I imagine custom maps with no water where these cauldrons can be very important to get water from.

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