Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First wool

So it was time for adventure!

I packed my stuff and just walked straight on the island, nothing could go wrong, i had my bed if it turns night i could make it day before monsters make my life hard. I walked over plains and then into a big forest, crossed the forest with a few zombie and spider encounters and the day was nearing its end already, it was a very long walk. After the forest i slept in my bed on the edge of a new desert. After i crossed the desert i saw the ocean, i really just crossed the whole island and did not find anything. I turned around walked a few meters and then i saw it in the distance. A big pyramid!

This was going to be my first adventure! i set up a little base and dig into the pyramid (although there was an entrance). Like a grave robber i just hit myself thru the rock to avoid anything bad that could be triggered by the entrance. I found a little room with some goodies but nothing to fancy and a big stairway down into the abyss. I didn't want any monster to surprise me, so i grabbed my pickaxe and dug myself around the hole to the ground to enter the tomb. I found big rooms all connected by large spaces and all featured chests. After i put down torches in the whole area and looted the chests i realized that it had several layers. There were holes in the ground with the same structure down below. So i went back to the beginning room, and dug a hole in the ground and used a gravel-elevator down after some encounters with some hidden silverfish (fuck yeah easy XP). The room below had no entrance to other rooms and i soon figured that it was on purpose so noone would dug down but instead run into traps. But i had a better idea, instead of using the way directly down, i dug myself a long stairway down to the deepest layer, there i heard something i never wanted to hear: Blazes. So i dug in to see something, but the room was full of blazes already. I put down a basic trap to get a few blazes to die and then looked inside again and there it was: A chest! A room full of blazes with a chest, that must yield something good! So i suffered finding the chest from down below, because my orientation is just bad and after quite a while i got the chest and in it was literally nothing, the best thing inside were chain leggins and i had already iron ones, so i didn't pick it up. Angrily i made my way to the next room, since i did not see the wool monument anywhere, underground i encountered a lot of silverfish. I chose to hit them with my hand instead of my sword for a while to get most of the out at first, since they can only hurt you when they hit your head it was quite an easy task to gain much levels on the way to the wool. The next room was full of zombies, which was perfect since i ran low on food. I trapped some of them got some anti-fresh meat and continued to the next room. Creepers... Ok i turn around and go the other side: A skeleton room... Okay I'm not doing this, i counted the sizes of the rooms and just dug myself to the next wall which was faster than going in anyway. The next room was just crazy, it were fucking ghasts! Since i was on the bottom of the world the void fog made it impossible to see the ghasts. The way to go was up, making a little hole and killing all the ghasts, which was an easy task in such a small room with so many so big monsters. Every shoot was a hit, since there was nothing else then ghasts. After killing them all i dug myself to the spawner, removed it and killed the new ghasts. I entered the room killed all new monsters in there and lit everything up. Then i saw already the fleece box. My first wool was white, which surprised me since it was quite a place far away from my spawn. I grabbed every wool piece since i am in hardcore anyway and made my way back up to the top. I don't know how many days have been passed, but this was a heck of an adventure!

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  1. I want to watch you playing against these monsters. I did not hear of some of them before...I guess silverfish looks cute.haha